Matt Clouston

Performer Profile
Height 5'11"
Weight 185
Physique Athletic
Hair Color Brown
Eyes Hazel
Citizenship U.S. & Canada
Film & TV
Midwife's Deception (Collins) MarVista
Demon in the Dark (Tom) Forewarned Films
Accidentally Engaged (Pete) MarVista
The 6th Friend (Martin) Sommer Leigh Studios
All She Wishes (Tommy) MarVista
Broken Toy (Quinn) Forewarned Films
For You (Sam) American Film Institute
In The Dark (Chris) Vanguard Cinema
Syracuse University BFA in Film & Drama
Sharon Chatten Scene study, improv
Angie Montalbano On-Camera
John Vari Scene study
Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do (3rd degree Black belt)
Archery, Firearms, Scuba, Boxing, Comic Book Nerd
Brio Entertainment

After moving a dozen times before he was eight years old, Matt Clouston finally found cold comfort in the sweet, nurturing arms of comic books and video games in his parent's faux wood-paneled basement. Concerned with his illicit Nintendo affair and his inability to throw the simplest of objects, his parents insisted he take martial arts lessons. Paying a small Asian man to beat him three times a week, however, did little to pull him away from the TV.

Once he received his third degree black belt and high school diploma, Matt forever left Roxbury, New Jersey. He briefly stopped to study Biology at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario but after spending more time in the theatre than in the classrooms, the school politely asked him to get the hell out.

It was at this point -- tired, confused and high on candy -- that Matt decided to sell every one of his treasured video games to pay for acting classes.

After working in Toronto and New Hampshire, Matt grabbed a BFA in Film & Drama at Syracuse University and ran to New York to cut his teeth on stage. He performed in a dozen Off-Broadway plays before moving to LA to work in film and has since worked a string of bizarre temp jobs: from the UCLA Emergency Room to a questionable "contracting firm" that never seemed to do any contracting. He was even the head accountant for a major studio... which made no sense given his complete lack of accounting experience and strict adherence to the medieval financial standard of cow-and-chicken trading. His wallet is immense.       telephone: 323.445.2608       email:      
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